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    Yes, I’ve chosen to start another blog, visit it: http://digitaldudette.blogspot.com/ Will appreciate all feedback on the new blog!
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You must read this!!!

Seems like Talk Power is still getting better traffic than my new blog 😦 but I’m persistant to move them all towards Digital Dudette! Here’s an updated list of blog posts I have on Digital Dudette. Do visit my new blog! Mistake to Avoid #1 on Digital Media – : What Happens When Expandable Banners … Continue reading

New Blog: Digital Dudette

Yes, I’ve chosen to start another blog. Here are 3 reasons why I chose to create a new blog and what I hope to achieve from it. Appreciate all feedback on the new blog!

Malaysian Prime Minister Sends Email to his Rakyat

Okay as weird as this sounds, yea he’s been emailing people. Some noticed, some didn’t but here’s what the email looks like… I got it in my hotmail inbox… Searched online and got back with some response to his email, some people said give him a chance since he’s trying. Most said he’s trying to … Continue reading

Malaysia’s Process of Digitalization

A quick post to kick start the 2011 – I have a lot to say but haven’t had the time to sit and write down my thoughts. Yesterday I read on The Star Online that Malaysian bloggers are earning RM 1 million annually! Read it here: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/1/24/nation/7856946&sec=nation And today, Najib is asking the youths through Twitter … Continue reading

Reminiscing 2010

The year seemed to pass by in a jiffy. This time, instead of looking of a long list of things I’d like to achieve in 2011, I thought I could write a list “I’ve done it” list. Not to brag, but to give my self a sense of achievement so I’ll be geared up for … Continue reading

9 Tips to shop in Bangkok

If you are a fan of discounts and bargains, you’ve got to go to Bangkok – It’s shopping heaven! There’s nothing much to plan when you go to Bangkok, simply take an extra day off close to the weekend, 3 days and you’ll see pretty much everything in Bangkok. And believe me, shopping in Bangkok … Continue reading

NIKE We Run KL (10.10.2010)

Got up as early as 5 am, I couldn’t even sleep that night wondering if I’m gonna make that 5 km run. I convinced my friends to join, one lazy bum couldn’t get herself up so she skipped – thinking I’m gonna get back to zzzzzzz on that sunday morning as well. So the rest … Continue reading

Motivation to Exercise

I’ve always been a nonsportsaholic. I look at sports people with envy. I wished I had their energy, their determination to practice and well, their body. I used to shy away from PJ lessons in schools simply because I felt I was too fat too run and I didn’t like the huffy puffy feeling, and … Continue reading

How’s mom?

Sometimes what’s harder than going through a difficult phase in life, is dealing with people at that point of time. A fairly easy question I face daily, is getting harder to answer. “How’s your mom doing?” A decent question, with a concerned tone. But for some reason it triggers a battle of emotions within me. What … Continue reading

  • Yes, I’ve chosen to start another blog, visit it: http://digitaldudette.blogspot.com/ Will appreciate all feedback on the new blog!