How to Get a Job in The Media?

Studying in the media or mass communication field? Worried wether you would obtain a job after graduation? Hearing rumours that mass comm’ers can’t get job these days? Here’s a free e-book that would help; “Land yourself with a job in the media!”


You’re being TRACKED!

You think no one knows what you’ve been surfing on the net. Guess what, they do. You have been tracked all along. I’m sure you’ve heard about cookies. Not the ones you eat during Hari Raya or Deepavali, but HTTP cookies, a small piece of text stored on your computer by a web browser. It … Continue reading

Facebook changed Me

I never believed that Facebook had the power to actually change the way I socialized with others. I had always read about advertisers struggling with different forms of social media out there, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster and such but c’mon, are we users changing as well? I believe so. Here are some examples: You VIRTUALLY know … Continue reading

Why a new blog?

I have had two blogs in the past, one which I can’t even remember the web address. So now, why another one? Well, I have got to seperate my personal random blogging and my learning process about the internet, social media, advertising and everything else that’s got to do with my job. It’s just like having two seperate … Continue reading

  • Yes, I’ve chosen to start another blog, visit it: Will appreciate all feedback on the new blog!