Facebook changed Me

I never believed that Facebook had the power to actually change the way I socialized with others. I had always read about advertisers struggling with different forms of social media out there, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster and such but c’mon, are we users changing as well? I believe so.

Here are some examples:

  • You VIRTUALLY know the person– Ever came across someone who looked so freaking familiar but you couldn’t figure out where or when you have met the person? By chance you might end up talking and that’s when you realise that you have the person in your Facebook account, or you’re related through mutual friends. Then you guys start talking as though you have been friends for ages. Gone are the days where you have to actually meet someone face-to-face to consider yourself to know them.
  • If you’re not on my FB page, you’re not part of my social life– That’s pretty obvious isn’t it? In school or work, you can separate a group if you see them clinging together during lunch breaks. Now you would be able to find solid prove a.k.a hundreds of pictures under the album “Crazy Drunk Night at Happening Club”, “Random day out” or “Mr.Cool’s Birthday Bash”. 100 pictures of the same 10 people in different poses. Hmmm…
  • Change of the Dating Game–  Before the arrival of Facebook, people’s first impression relayed very much on the first time they met someone or their first date. Now their first impression seems to rely on what you see on their Facebook page. Hot profile picture (checked), Network of happening friends (checked), No-weird fashion sense (checked). What else do you need?
  • Suicidal to announce Relationship Status over FB– Everyone gets to know whether you’re in a relationship or not, even if you haven’t changed you’re status. How? Pictures, shout-outs, and posts of each other’s wall makes it obvious enough. And if you had “accidentally” changed your status (usually during the times you were totally swept off you feet by your lover), and then claim to be single with the people you meet personally, they just won’t buy it. Atleast before Facebook era, we could brush it off by just saying, “Hey it was rumour, she was the one who was all over me!”. Now even the excuse “I totally forgot to update my Facebook profile” doesn’t work. They know you’re lying. So players, find a new strategy to play this game.
  • Random is the new COOL – Noticed that most people post up something to prove that they are RANDOM? Shout Out: “Omg, yesterday’s random night out to the beach was so much of fun!”, Photos: “Random shots of me in college!” or Link:”Random Blogging Thoughts”.


For the record, this isn’t just an observation. It’s part of my experience.

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