Honda’s suicidal approach to Facebook

The buzz has been going on lately about Honda Accord 2010 Crosstour’s fate when it comes out this coming fall. Obviously, Honda was trying to use social media’s viral abilities to get people talking about their new car but unfortunately, it took a wrong turn.

Honda’s try for instant fame and fortune turned sour

Crosstour Fail?

Crosstour Fail?

Perhaps Honda was trying Cindy Gordan’s word-of-mouse tactic; how she told only 7 people about Universal Orlando creating The Wizard World of Harry Potter, but 350 million people heard the news. What she did was amazing – putting fans first, letting them get the inside scoop so that other people TELL your stories. She got the magic of social media working for her.

What did Honda get for the same effort? Their fans totally hating the new look of the car. They say it’s a “plain ugly monster”. Social media in this case, simply a bad publicity!

Parrot: Polly wants a cracker?

I feel those people who saw the images of the new Crosstour are going through the “Polly wants a cracker” syndrome. One guy may have started commenting saying it looks ugly, and there you go… Hundreds would follow and feel the same. Human nature isn’t it? ‘Cause honestly, the car doesn’t look that bad. Here’s how it looks like:

The 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour

The 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour

What are Honda’s 6,000 Fans saying on Facebook?

Some pretty nasty things. Firstly, to get this cleared up, most of these “fans” became fans just so that they could comment on Crosstour Fanpage. Here’s a peek:

Facebooker's Comment

Facebooker's Comment

Even the bulldog is ugly

Some absolutely adore the bulldog but I personally feel it’s freaking ugly. I guess that’s the dilemma that Honda has got itself into:  FB users who think the Crosstour is ugly, and a very few who think it’s pretty (Apparently only 1% of them are on FB). Anyway, here’s Honda’s response to some comments on FB:

“Many of you don’t like the styling: It may not be for everyone. Our research suggests that the styling does test well among people shopping for a crossover.”

I found a few other cars that look just as ugly, but didn’t really get people criticizing it so bad after all. Again, maybe the big players took it safe and waited till the launch to get a feedback.

Here's a real UGLY car!

Here's a real UGLY car - Pontiac Aztek!

Another ugly car - Toyata A-BAT

Another ugly car - Toyata A-BAT

The Verdict?

But atleast, Honda is showing these “fans” that they are listening. They recently posted a “message for fans” column in their Fanpage to address all these comments. Thankfully, Honda didn’t do a hit-and-run scenario by deleting the fan page. Some of the social media experts say that if Honda leaves it long enough on FB, it would bring out the loyal fans to defend Honda sooner or later. We just don’t know how long that would take!

I’m just wondering if Honda would redesign Crosstour after getting such bad publicity about it. Maybe, maybe not. We’ll just wait and see!

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