Who’s the copycat?

I was working on one of my client’s banner ads, and while taking screenshot on Yahoo! Homepage, I came across something that wasn’t quite right.

CIMB launched a campaign named CIMB Clicks – OCTO a while ago, which uses a cute red octopus as an icon. This icon, obviously having many “hands” were meant to help users pick out what they liked in banking products.

CIMB Clicks' Octo

CIMB Clicks' Octo

CIMB Clicks' Octo

CIMB Clicks' Octo

Now if you happened to go into Yahoo! Homepage, you would notice that Yahoo! too has an octopus trying to help out its users to pick their favorite website in their new polished layout.

Sadly, i lost the screenshot of Yahoo! Homepage advertisement (How careless could u be when clicking “save” while closing file…sighs). So if there’s anyone out there who has seen it, or better, has a screenshot of it.. please pass it on!

By the way, I’m not pointing fingers to any party for copyright infringement, BUT perhaps the creative agency who created CIMB clicks ads, Branded3 should look into this.

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