The Facebook Party!

Just like how you have the geek and the popular kid in high school, social media has the same. After reading “Are you Absent, Invincible, A Reflection or An Impression?” by Nance Rosen, I realised that there are many category of social media users. While she talks about the professionals who are on social media, I’m writing about the Gen-Y facebook users. So that’s why, I say social media is just like a party! Read up to see where you fit into…


These people are the ones that come to the party at 2 hours earlier, wonder where is the crowd, and eventually leave out of boredom. Notice how some create an account and just leave it there? For the rest of their lives. Lost ones might be complaining that they don’t find anything interesting in social media and will keep wondering what’s the buzz all about. Why they are lost? Party starts at 9pm, not 7pm… Wrong places at the wrong time. (Don’t be in Friendster, when all your friends have already migrated to Facebook)


It’s like those who come to the party, stand in a corner, watch everyone else have fun and go back home feeling that they have missed out. These are the ones that are too afraid (or lazy) to post up anything of their own opinion, scared they might say something stupid so they don’t comment on anyone else’s post as well. What to do? Speak up!

The Crowd

You know most of the people in the party – the bitchy cheerleader, the hot-but-dumb football player and the science geek. You say hello, but you don’t really fall into any of these categories. You float around, find others that are similar to you, create some conversation and pretty much mind your own business. This is called the average crowd. The ones that post nice-sweet hello every now and then on your wall asking how are you doing, stays away from controversial pages and adds up people who know them only. The party needs them, just to make the place look “happening” but it doesn’t really matter if they are there or not. They are the most common type of people on any social media.

The Dumb Blonde

She posts pictures  of herself in revealing dresses, showing off her cleavage just to get some attention and comments. You often see her updating her status about her “idiotic ex-boyfriend”, the massive clubbing last night, and her zillion-dollar-shopping spree.


Their facebook profiles are constantly updated with photos, videos and comments from other people. They log onto Facebook everyday, coming up with creative status updates and always have a buzz around them.

Which one are you?

2 Responses to “The Facebook Party!”
  1. Nance Rosen says:

    Nice post! Party Starters are the ones to be if you are looking for a new job or promotion or you’re starting a business and need investors. Show your audience that you are someone who makes things happen in a unique, collaborative way.

  2. Ruby S. says:

    I believe the Party Starters who could maintain their reputation are a rare few, but precious ones who are wanted! Thanks for your feedback Nance.

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