Launch of The Daily Chili

The Star Publications who holds the main stream media in Malaysia, has recently launched a sizzly & spicy new website called The Daily Chili. It offers the hottest news, sports, celebrities, showbiz, happenings and more for the young.

The Daily Chili

I scrolled through the website and found a pretty interesting topic, Getai, Kotai or Gatai? It’s about the apparel of stage singers during the hungry ghost month. Hmmm, nice one. I’ve always wondered why they wore bikinis while performing for the spirits (are they still lustful after crossing the border?)

But after reading through, I though naahh.. This is NOT what I expected the article would be. Boring, yawn yawn. The verdict so far, THE DAILY CHILI ISN’T SAUCY ENOUGH! Let’s hope the produce something real spicy soon.

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