Ford Moves Social Media

Though Honda tried really hard to leverage social media for their benefit, looks like Ford is getting the upper hand. They just launched the Ford Fiesta Movement.

They picked 100 twenty-something-year-olds as agents to try out the new Ford, and give feedback via Facebook, Tweeter and blogs. Ford claims that they care what consumers think, therefore they want these agents to be completely honest in their feedback.


And looks like it’s working well! According to Mashable, they have got:

4.3 million YouTube views thus far
500,000+ Flickr views
3 million+ Twitter impression
50,000 interested potential customers, 97% of which don’t own a Ford currently.

Without using a single cent on traditional media, Ford took a brave move by not “controlling” the message on the net. Most big brands want exposure but they want to control what people say about them (which just never works in social media).

My take on this? Ford definitely can read a youngster’s mind. What more could a 20-plus-year-old ask for? A brand new car to ride around for 6 months, a sense of adventure in their life by going through all those missions set up (bungee jumping, mechanical bull riding, skate boarding skills and the cool list goes on..) with the LICENSE TO BRAG!

If I was in any one of their shoes, I would be extreamly thrilled. I would worship FORD!!!

Conclusion is, although they took a huge risk here with this campaign, but they’ve got the word-of-mouth & word-of-mice working for them – Now that’s called success!

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