Anna Sui gets Rocking!

Anna Sui’s launched a new perfume called “Rock Me!” across 5 markets in Asia.

To boast up the campaign, a Rock Me! contest is running. The interesting part is, it’s all on social space. No boring registrations & forms – just got to upload a photo or video, and viral it out!

How this contest works?:
1. Express your “Rock Me!” soul in a photo or video and upload it to any public website
2. Tag it with the keyword “#rockme”
3. That’s it! If you truly rock, we’ll find you!

The grand prize is a free trip for two to Anna Sui’s Fashion Show in New York (February 2010).

It’s been a couple of days since it’s been launched, but their Facebook Fanpage is picking up rather slow. They’ve got 32 fans as I’m writing this.

Rock Me! by Anna Sui

But, I love what they have done with YouTube. The page is skinned with the Rock Me! concept (which is pretty kewl, I haven’t seen others like this so far). At first I thought that it’s Anna Sui’s own microsite! But then again, probably not as many views as they would have been hoping for (300 views).

I’ve yet to come across any other promotional efforts from Anna Sui for this campaign. Still looking out for it, will update the progress to see if this campaign picks up!

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