Packet One Network Malaysia (P1) W1MAX Campaign

The Packet One Network Malaysia (P1) W1MAX Campaign

They did a fantastic job with the 15 Malaysia Short Films. Some made me tear, and some made me fall off my chair laughing. It reflected the true Malaysia, and was a big hit among their target audience.

Now they have create a P1 Speedometer that lets you check your internet download & upload speed. That’s cool! However, I was wishing that they included a comparison towards the end so that the not-so-megabyte-tech-savvy people like me could know whether their internet is relatively fast comparing to others.


Their latest campaign Wiggy 69 has smartly used all the social media for their leverage. Their trademark “potong” (cut) has made a good buzz.  My colleague, Mandy just enlightened me that it’s an obvious attack against TM Net & Streamyx (why didn’t I think of that?). Of course! The only line you could “potong” is TM’s!!!

I also read Joshua Ong’s blog, all positive comments about P1 getting Wiggly & Jiggly! I especially liked Huai Bin‘s comment, he said… “I think the P1 campaign is AWESOME. I love the innuendo, it’s hip and it appeals to the people now. It’s great that a company is willing to push the boundaries, that’s how innovations are made”.


You may have also come across their banners. It looks more like a spyware-virus-thingy, I only trusted & clicked on it because it came from a credible site. Tacky, but maybe not so tacky if it’s getting people suspecting that it’s a virus.


Still, looks like their media agency,  ISC Group and creative agency, Juice\Sil are doing well! Click here to read my latest post about the Generation Y writing up negative comments about this campaign in newspapers.

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