Topshop, Mango & Zara’s Campaign- Win Rm2500 fashion vouchers!

I have no idea if these 3 brands are working together, but this is what I spotted on my Facebook page. Of course, who wouldn’t want some extra clothes?

shopping vouchers!And once you go to their website, you’re landed with a “Spot-5 Differences-To-Win-Voucher” Game. I played the it, thought I finished kinda quick, then I was told to key-in my mobile number. However, no news about my chances of winning the voucher. (Sobs..) But the game did somewhat reminded me of my childhood days where I used to do this spotting the difference stuff very eagerly.

shopping vouchers

One Response to “Topshop, Mango & Zara’s Campaign- Win Rm2500 fashion vouchers!”
  1. nQw says:

    lol…i tried the game also…but I didn’t enter my phone number…I don’t think they give out RM2500 just like that by playing such an easy game..

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