The concert we never saw

The title itself says it all. This is it. This is the reality hit. This is the last of  King of Pop.

I was lucky enough to go catch this movie on its Premier Screening Night. Honestly, I never was a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I grew up listening to him, but i didn’t shed tears when he passed on. It was just another incident to me.

But watching this movie, culled from some 100 hours of interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage, this movie -under the direction of Kenny Ortega, portrayes how he is as a performer – inspiring, perfectionist, full of energy, creative and humble. His sense of style, his movements, his voice! Who could ever replace that?

Online Red Carpet Premier

Dominated 3/5 of online ticket sales and 1,800,000 people tuned in to watch the premier on Ustream.


This is it

What’s the story for “This Is It”?

I had no idea what to expect from this movie. I read no reviews about it. I assumed it would be his life-story, how he became a man he is…or rather he was. But “This Is It” showcases the man we never knew. Behind all those crazy rumours about him, you could see from this movie how much passion he had for his music, his performance.

“This Is It” is basically his last performance on stage. I just have a feeling that if he was alive, if the concert went on as planned – it probably wouldn’t be as touching as this. Half way through out the movie, I realized “omg, this man is no longer alive!”. He is truly a legend that happened in our lifetime.

The movie felt like winning a backstage pass to MJ’s concert. I’m still in awe, hearing his voice echo in my mind.

He inspires me, for a man who’s achieved so much, to be particular about the littlest tiniest note in his song – which most people would go unnoticed. MJ gives attention to details, he makes that change to sound a lil bit more perfect. And that have made all the difference in his life, in ours too.

This time when the movie ended, I felt my eyes heavy with tears. Thanks to “This is it”, I discovered the man I never knew.

R.I.P. Michael


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