P1 Wimax “Cut Already” Advertising Campaign

I have been following up with the issue revolving the P1 Wimax’s “Cut Already” advertising campaign in The Star Opinion Column and I strongly believe that the clash of opinion is simply because of generation gap and perception.

Pi Wimax Banner Ad

Many of the elder folks are unhappy with the term “potong” simply because of what it represents and claim that it sounds vulgar. (In Malay culture, “potong” means to go through circumcision) However, if you were to ask the youth for their opinion regarding this matter, many of them would find this campaign interesting.

And if you search online, you would come across many young bloggers that have been writing up about how cool and hip this campaign’s ads are. Hence, this campaign has definitely achieved its objective – grabbing their target audience’s attention.

Gurmeet Singh in his letter (A cheap and suggestive ad gimmick, Nov 4, The Star Online) claims that advertisers should be more professional in their campaigns and should have used the word “tamatkan” instead of “potong”. That would have changed this whole campaign and made it similar to any other ads out there!

I’m glad that P1 Wimax was willing to push boundaries and chose to stand out. Because for any advertiser to successfully persuade people to buy their product, they should be using the consumer’s language that appeals to them.

The leader of creative revolution in American advertising during the post-World War II, David Ogilvy said that What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it“. P1 Wimax says that they are cool, trendy in their ads and its new broadband package is fast – what’s wrong with that?

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