How to be Impressive in your first Job?

Starting my first “real” job after graduation was a bit frightening. But it’s interesting how much you can learn after some time. Here’s my list:

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1. Listen, observe & practice.

There isn’t a manual. No one’s going to be assisting and teaching you how to do every bit of your work. And you are no genius to figure it all out. So what can you do? Besides being bold enough to ask your bosses for advise, listen closely to them, your colleagues, whoever that has more experience than you. Observe how they write emails, negotiate and handle tough situations. Then, simply practice it.

2. Don’t speak unnecessarily.

I’m one person who sometimes doesn’t know how to shut her mouth. I’ll have a ridicules opinion and more often that not, I’ll say it out loud. Sometimes, it’s a good thing especially if your boss praises you for voicing it out. Not a good thing if you end up looking like you’re trying to outsmart them. Choose what and how you say something BEFORE saying it.

3. Make friends but mind your own business.

Talk around to everybody in office, go out for lunch occasionally with them, keep up with the office talk but DO NOT START GOSSIPING. It’s evil & it will drag you down to hell, I’m serious.

4.Public speaking & presentation skill helps.

I cannot emphasize enough how much this has helped me make an impression in my working place. When others who are much older and have experience, shiver to death trying to make a presentation in front of a room full of people, it’s an upper hand if you can do it. Confidence rocks!

5.  Keep a checklist.

Know exactly what things are you working on. I’m still slacking on this, but I hate to answer “I dunno” when my boss asks me those who, what, why, when, where questions.

6. Be proactive.

As lazy as you can be, just ask if there’s any other work you can help out with once your done with the task you were given to do. It gives them the impression that you’re hardworking (Just keep hoping while you ask that your boss is going to say “No, you can leave”).

7. Bosses are not gonna eat you up, don’t be scared.

Some people enjoy an extremely friendly relationship with their boss, some people have a hate-relationship going on. Though I’m closer to category one, I’m still kinda afraid of my bosses. I have no idea why, as they are friendly. Maybe I’m just intimidated cause they know so much more, and I might make a blunder out of a task given to me. But I love my boss for saying this to me, “Don’t worry, you still have lots to learn. It’s okay to make mistakes”.

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