Wrapping up 2009

It’s the time of the year again where you sit and ponder about yourself – future plans, ideas, achievements, and regrets. Many things I wish I did more often, other things I wish I never did at all but it’s over and done, and now I look at a fresh sheet of paper.

But just to recap the past year, 2009 – Here’s a list of list I’m proud to say I achieved:

–          Completed Diploma Studies

–          Had an article mentioning me in The Star Newspaper and in college newsletters

–          I now have a few published editorial comments in The Star Newspapers. Here’s a list of them.

–          Got a decent job as a digital planner.

–          Made it to national level for ESUM – HSBC – The Star Public Speaking Competition. Will upload my speech when I get the chance to do so.

–          Guest speaker in college. It was a small room filled with college freshies. I started the same way 2 years ago listening to a guy (who is now my friend), wishing I could speak like him. It only takes a thought doesn’t it?

–          Survived chicken pox without looking like a monster. Ending up with chicken pox when you’re a 19-year-old who’s looking for a job, isn’t exactly a dream come true. But now I can say “Here’s prove, I’ve got scars on my face!”

–          Gambled with 50 bucks and made 600 bucks!

–          Started reading more books – My favorite so far is Dreams from My Father, by Barack Obama.  My current book is Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell which is also an interesting read. Gladwell writes about how people become successful – He says success is not so much to do with talent or hard work, it’s is simply having the opportunity.

–          Started a blog. I’ve always been writing blog ever since I heard about it, but I was never persistently updating. TalkPower would be my first proper blog that actually centered around a solid topic. I’m proud to say that it has been even cited in Business Week!

–          Starting my own business – I’ve had this idea for years, I think when I was 9 years old. I’ve forever wanted to start my own creative giftshop. Well, now it’s in progress and hopefully it will be launching in 2010! Clue: It’s gonna be very saucy & cheeky *wink

–          Went for a camp, played paintball – I’ve never really been an outdoor person, I’ve been told that I’m too fragile to handle these kind off activities. So this year I wanted to challenge myself and I did. Though camping and paintball isn’t much.. It’s still better than being trapped in your own room isn’t it?

–          I’ve been pushing myself to go more places, and meet more people.. This year I can proudly say that I’ve traveled to a number of places in my own country (semangat cuti-cuti Malaysia!) on my own, without tagging on my parent’s tail. My list includes: P.Tioman, Kampar, Penang, Pangkor, and Melaka. Planning for bigger holidays next year!

What about you? Instead of thinking about the upcoming new year’s resolution, have you thought about what you’ve achieved in 2009? Nothing wrong with giving yourself a pat on the back – we all need it sometimes.

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