Google’s Nexus One Phone

The anticipation is over. Google’s superphone (as they call it) is finally here. Maybe it’s because Google is the biggest brand in the world, I can’t help but WANT the phone. I’m not even looking at it’s specs yet, it’s just a magnetism of owning one. For the TECH GEEKS  (For the not-so-tech-geeks) *some taken … Continue reading

Malaysia going truly digital – Possible??

Reading an interesting article by John D. Sutter on CNN titled Gov 2.0, makes me ponder if Malaysia would ever reach that kind of a digitalized state. Gov 2.0 that is currently being practised in states of the USA, is a new phone technology that helps citizen make reports/complains about public amenities to the Government … Continue reading

While praying in the temple…

Just like every other new year, for as long as I can remember, I stood beside my mother. I hear the Indian tablas playing in the background, as a girl’s sweet voice accompanies the melody, singing devotional songs. People of every age, dressed in traditional indian clothes raises up their hands, bow their head as … Continue reading

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