Malaysia going truly digital – Possible??

Reading an interesting article by John D. Sutter on CNN titled Gov 2.0, makes me ponder if Malaysia would ever reach that kind of a digitalized state.

Gov 2.0 that is currently being practised in states of the USA, is a new phone technology that helps citizen make reports/complains about public amenities to the Government directly and get responses immediately (instead of that complain being buried under some old files for years).

In Malaysia, I believe that many choose to either ignore what they witness or rather just live with it because the idea of sending a complaint is tedious, and furthermore the complains just are never heard off. Even writing up in the local daily doesn’t trigger any responses from the government.

That is why Gov 2.0 is a direction that the Malaysian Government should be looking at. Gov 2.0 not only gives the City Council a better picture of what’s going wrong where, but it also makes citizen more responsible as they know their voice is being heard.

Maybe a day will come where we Malaysians can take out our phones, snap a picture of a taxi’s number plate if the driver is charging too high, or complain about a “mamak” stall being unhygienic or even when cops demand for bribe.

For Malaysia to embrace this technology would be like telling the world that Pandora does exist in reality, not just in the fantasy world of Avatar. But it’s never wrong to hope isn’t it?

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