Malaysian Comm Minister: Facebook to get more Cultural

Referring to the article, “Call for more cultural elements” (The Star, 3rd Feb) perhaps one must first utilize social media in order to truly understand how it works before condemning or “advising” other users not to be too emerged in it. As the saying goes, the greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.

Dr Rais, who is the Information, Communications and Culture Minister, said “I am not sidelining new creations, but what I meant was, they should include traditional and cultural moments such as the Chinese New Year and Deepavali celebrations, so that users would know local culture and traditions while having fun when using them.”

As an avid social media user, I have used the applications on Facebook to wish my friends during all the festive seasons and it sure is taking over the habit of sending over a traditional greeting card. Here’s a screenshot of the application request:

And I also realised that many games have incorporate “Chinese New Year” or “Deepavali” special items that are only available during that time of the year. This generally creates excitement and generates talk of town as many people look forward to having a virtual ownership of those items on their game.

What’s more interesting is that, social media’s ability to host pictures allows users to show how they have celebrated their festival and many users are getting creative by tagging their Facebook friends on pictures of festive moments (much similar to IKEA’s Facebook marketing idea), allowing them to wish each other on the comment column.

So yes, we social media users are having fun whilst still applying our culture and tradition online. In my opinion, this works even better than a personal greeting card as many people would be exposed to the message and we are all allowed to take part in our little “online celebration”.

The only catch is, one wouldn’t be aware of such festive spirits if he’s not a part of it, right?

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