A blogger’s guilt

I’ve blogged about this before but here I go again… What’s the issue with having a guilty feeling when you see someone else’s blog and you realise you haven’t been writing on yours?

I’ve not been on a single blog (that hasn’t been maintained properly, of course), in which the blogger hasn’t apologized for not blogging enough. Question time: Who is he saying sorry too? Himself, his readers? Correct me if i’m wrong but those with good traffic, would have a natural sense to blog often.

It’s not as though if you have a blog, you MUST write and maintain it. Heck, does anybody even read the shit that i write up here? Maybe, i don’t know. But I’m not gonna be having the guilty feeling of not blogging. I’m just gonna have to write when I have something to write about!

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  • Yes, I’ve chosen to start another blog, visit it: http://digitaldudette.blogspot.com/ Will appreciate all feedback on the new blog!
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