The New Proton Saga, good?

I was driving a Perodua Kelisa for the past two years and recently, my mother bought me a brand new Proton Saga. First of all, switching from a small little cute car to a big bulky ride isn’t my idea of a good thing. But it was after driving the car did I realise that, it was just a starting of all the bigger problems I had to face.

1. The car goes down on it’s own when it’s on a slope, even when it’s on [D]!!!

I don’t know how this happens, I’ve driven quite a number of automatic cars and I’ve never had such problems! It’s worst when there’s a car in front of you and you’ve got to keep balancing the accelerator so that the car doesn’t go down or go too much in front and hit other cars! Driving around in KL, it’s quite challenging as the roads are always jammed up, even in parking lots. It’s like driving a manual, sigh..

Update: However, after driving the car for some few months now, it doesn’t seem soooo bad. Maybe it just takes some getting used to.

2. No pick-up. I know I’m no racer, but a car needs a some sorta ability to move faster when you’re pressing full-force on the accelerator. With the Saga, I hear the engine “brroooom” but the car doesn’t move any faster until like 10-20 seconds later!

Update: It has a slow pick-up when you’re driving slow, but goes okaay once you’ve got the speed. So I still have hopes to be a Saga Rempit!

3. The car pulls back when you stop accelerating. Honestly I don’t know how to explain this, you have to drive one to realise it. Say you’re driving at 50/kmp, and yr pressing on the accelerator, you reach about 70/kmp and you want to maintain the speed so you stop pressing the oil. Funnily, the car jerks a lil behind. Just a bit.. but it’s a funny feeling.

Update: Still pulls backs.

4. Everything is so tight! It it’s like ridding a virgin! The steering is so hard to handle, it takes a lot of energy to make a U-Turn (feels like I’m carrying weights and working out my biceps). The brakes are also so “hard” to press on. Some told me that it feels like that cause it’s still new but, aren’t new cars supposed to be pleasurable to drive!

Update: Not “tight” anymore but still not as easy to manuever as I wished it would be with the stering only able to go 2 and a half way round.

5. Blind Spots – Do I really need to elaborate on this?

So personally i still feel Perodua has done better than the Proton Saga, though sales are showing a much different result. Then again, it might be due the cost.  Saga is cheaper than Perodua.

Update: Other problems I’m encountering:

6. The car doors are hard to open sometimes.

7. The air-cond is to the face only, you can’t change it so that you get some for your feet. (Malaysia is a hot country, even my feet sweats – so NOT having a flexible air-cond is a turn-off.)

8. It doesn’t lock automatically once you start the car and hit the brakes. You’ve gotta manually lock, and unlock once you turn off the car engine. Doesn’t make me feel SAFE when I’m driving alone late at night (especially after reading all the news about rapist & robbers lurking around).

9. No light the gear transmission. Gets irritating when you’re driving at night and you can see the whether you’re on Nuetral or Drive!!

These are just tiny issues maybe as compared to the price of the car (you get what you pay for), but it’s reflects the overall experience of driving the car. For me, driving should be an enjoyable ride, not a clumsy one where the car jerks, you’re uncomfortable and you don’t feel so safe.

Then again, this is just a review by a girl-next-door who has no experience on cars. If you want to read a full, technical review head to Paul Tan’s blog. Lotsa juicy details!

Owh btw, my dream car is old vintage car. I don’t have any clue where to get one or how to maintain it but I want one. Soon!

15 Responses to “The New Proton Saga, good?”
  1. sujen says:

    get use to the car…its normal…
    hehe..more tips on driving a automatic proton cars, contact:

  2. Ruby S. says:

    Haha.. yes definitely trying to get used to it.. =)

  3. sujen says:

    gud luck! saga 1.3 is quite powerful if u know how to use it…its not underpowered…u’ll know soon..hehe

  4. hobbies says:

    i plan to buy car..thinking of new saga also… scare me now…..
    want to buy or not? confuse.

  5. Ruby S. says:

    Go for test drive and feel if you like the car and test out these things. ‘Cause there are some actually quite like the Saga compared to Myvi. Personally, I prefer Perodua cars because I’m used to it.

  6. sujen says:

    lol…how’s ur saga so far?

  7. sujen says:

    Wat u pay is wat u get..go join the saga blm club and learn more bout the car..hehe

  8. kyuzo says:

    all car moves when it is on D. I drive honda city and it does the same thing. No light at the gear transmission is sure a problem but there is a screen near your meter that show U what position it is in.

    • Ruby S. says:

      Never realised that the car could move back on D when I was driving other cars, it was just bit weird for me.. (Note to self, test drive more cars! :p) and off course the screen would show, it’s just a matter of convenience as we usually tend to look at the gear while changing it, right?

      • Sooth says:

        Most cars sort of balance themselves when on “D” in my experience. The only car that moved back for me was a pretty old Waja on a steep slope.

  9. aen rabiion says:

    well..if you can afford a Merc or a BMW, then shut up and used to it

  10. Man says:

    My student sister drives the New Saga and she loves it. She could bring her friends and lots of stuff in the booth when they go to picnics at PD or waterfalls. Value for money.

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