A Better Life – Success or Gratitude?

Have you ever been torn between chasing your ambition and feeling grateful for all that you already have? Is there a balance between the two? To be able to enjoy, appreciate to little tiny details that makes life beautiful and still dream to drive a better car, live in a better home and be able to purchase what you desire.

Of the so many self-help books I’ve read (esp “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle) they all mention that in order to be truly happy, you have to be able to appreciate and enjoy what you have. Trying to achieve “more” is merely an ego feed. And on the other hand, all the motivational books say that you have to be thristy for success to actually be able to achieve (great example is Tony Robbins).

So which one is it? To make it easy some say choose one and follow it.. but what if I want both? Success and the ability to appreciate?

I’ve been going through this for quite sometime now. My biggest issue is that I’ve not been able to feel gratefulness and all I want to do is achieve MORE. I guess these are the dangerous words… Bettter and More.. There’s never a satisfaction in it, right? So you would never be able to appreciate what you have currently.

This is turning out to be like the chicken and egg story – Who knew what came first? Sigh.

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