Ruby’s Room Make Over

My latest addiction is room decor. I’ve just been obsessed thinking about how I’m going to redecorate my room. For starters, I’ve removed few unused furniture out of my room and got rid of all those things from my high school days and RESULT = SPACE!

I could believe how clean and spacious my room looked after clearing only half of the junk i had in my room! There are still a lot clearing up to do, but look at the bright side – atleast I have started after months of procrastination. Key learning, just like your unused desktop icons, get rid of things if you’re not using them.. if it’s got some sentimental value, put it in a memory box 🙂

Next is the most important part, call it clutter control or organization skills – learn how to put the same things in one place.. I could never learn that, so im trying to embrace my character of being messy by leaving my things to be messy in a controlled manner. Will upload pictures soon to show what I mean.

Here’s a list of other things I’m planning to do for my room:

1. Mini home library – Gotta find an interesting way to showcase the piles of books I have.

2. Art “Gallery” – I’ve never properly arranged what I have in my room… So all the “art” I have, looks very much like rubbish.. So I’ve got to hit new nails on the wall, and those things up again in better frames!

3. Get a longish-high-table for all my lil statues, vases, candles and stuffs

4. Mirror

5. New curtains, sheets and rug

6. Paint a 2 sides of the wall – Already started doing them using Nippon Paint (quite impressive colors!). I chose to use Pottery Red.. Looks quite good against my off-white walls.

7. Go shopping for some new wall art decor.

Plus, I’m planning to celebrate a post valentine with my guy next week. Hope to finish up a painting & do a heart statue using plaster of paris.. Will post up pictures once I’m officially done!

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