The Star – HSBC – ESU Public Speaking Competition 2010

I’ve been looking forward for this competition since last year! And here it is again 😀 Not so much to win this year around, just for the fun of giving speeches, going through the excitement and thrill.. Besides, it’s been long since I went on stage and did my thing.

Funny to see my own face on the application form (hehehe, you can see it here – me, third from left). Being one of the finalist last year was so much of fun! It was a good learning ground and I realise that there are actually so many talented young speakers around!

But I expect this year to get much tougher, and they have changed the competition style.. It is now ala American Idol, where we have got to go through auditions (impromptu speech) before we’re short listed to the semi finals. That’s when we’re supposed to give a speech about “Speculation of Our Future”. You get through that, then you head down for the Grand Finals, impress the judges and you might be on your way to London! Exciting uh..

Now the tough bit, getting my juices flowing and writing a speech for this competition. I can barely think of any ways to interpret it… Ideas oh ideas, come to me pleasssse?

Can you spot me?

Click here to read about my progress in the competition!

3 Responses to “The Star – HSBC – ESU Public Speaking Competition 2010”
  1. Sharifz says:

    Hi. I might be joining the competition. The audition will be held like the American Idol style? (one by one goes into a room) or all of the contestants are required to perform their speeches on the stage and watched by the audience?

  2. Ruby S. says:

    Honestly I have no idea, I think it’s going to be one by one in the room or else it would just take too much of time!

  3. Amellia Ong says:

    LOL, i was googling for so called ideas, when i came across ur blog. hahaha, i’m in the same situation… lost for ideas, and currently in dilemma. anyways, good luck, and see u at the semifinals. =)

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