The greatest Tiger Show on Earth!

Ever wanted to go for a Tiger Show? No, not the ones in Thailand (though that should actually be Thai Girls’ Show, I heard the reason its known as Tiger Show now is simply because it was mispronounced in the early days), what I mean is a REAL TIGER show.. As in the huge carnivorous … Continue reading

D.I.Y Lovey Dovey Gift Idea

Though some claim that Valentine’s Day has been over commercialized throughout the years, there is a sense of wanting a lil piece of romance on 14th Feb. Irrelevant of one’s relationship status, 14th of Feb will suddenly leave you feeling lonely, miserable or overwhelmed with a warm feeling of love (temporarily atleast *wink*) I made … Continue reading

Google Analytics Master Class

Google had their first Analytics Master Class in Kuala Lumpur on 11th of March, and I can proudly say I was apart of it! They held the event in KL Hilton,  a nice place but the crowd turned out to be massive – they had people sitting on the ground! And I’m sure those who … Continue reading

Technology – the true death sentence!

I totally agree with The Star’s columnist, Soo Ewe Jin in regards to us being slaves for technology. He says how he has seen this group of people hanging out after work and that they are able to remove their ties, but they are constantly interrupted by their BlackBerry from work. It’s strange how we’ve … Continue reading

What would you do if you knew today was your last…

I was thinking about topics for my impromptu speech competition on my way to work today and I remembered this ever favourite topic: What would you do if you knew today was your last? Seriously, do people realise the depth of this question when they ask it? (I remember my fellow contestant in primary school … Continue reading

The Opera’s Grand Opening on 4th March 2010

It’s a financially tight week (actually Im broke for the whole month, after that visit to Hong Kong & Macau), but I missed my other halfs, Navina and Kalai so we decided to go mamaking and thought of having some drinks later. We were planning to grab some Kilkenny at Royal Oak in Solaris. (Quite a … Continue reading

Holidaying in Macau

Why Macau of all places? I was handing in my last report to my boss when my collegue, Melody nudged me on MSN saying AirAsia flights to Macau are really cheap. “We should grab it!” said Mel. I was all hesitant, heck I didn’t even have idea where is Macau! “Uhmm, I really can’t say … Continue reading

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