Holidaying in Macau

Why Macau of all places?

I was handing in my last report to my boss when my collegue, Melody nudged me on MSN saying AirAsia flights to Macau are really cheap.

“We should grab it!” said Mel. I was all hesitant, heck I didn’t even have idea where is Macau!

“Uhmm, I really can’t say for sure yet. Can I confirm with you by the end of this week?”

“Noooooooo, I’m gonna book now. You better come this time around, you refused last minute even for the trip we’re planning for India!”.

“I know…sighs, but budget la.. I’ve got to save up first :(” “You’ve got about 3-4 months to save up. It won’t be much. Think about it.”

And that’s how the interest sparked within me for travelling. I finally agreed to go to Macau.

Arriving in Macau

It was almost evening when we arrived in Macau – we made of 4 people, Mel, Joel (Mel’s boyfriend), the mom and myself.

Me, Joel & Melody

The landing was definitely a different experience,the runway is in another island! It’s connected by a bridge to the Macau airport – is that cool or what?!!

I was pretty shocked to find that Macau wasn’t really that cold afterall during their spring, it was just a bit more chilly than Malaysia.

Streets in Macau

So I got my bags, a map and since I had been warned (reading travel reviews that most people in Macau do not speak English at all), I prepared a translated sheet of all the vital dialogs in Chinese. But I later learnt once I was there that not everyone is thaaaat bad in English, though knowing some chinese words helps when you’re ordering food!

Checking into my hotel was quite easy, I had booked online with Agoda with a reasonable prize. My room in The Best Western Sun Sun Hotel was quite sweet, nothing fancy but enough to keep me from complaining.

Gamble baybeehh, GAMBLE!!!

After freshening up, we took a free shuttle bus to the Venetian Casino. Now this is the place known as the Chinese Las Vegas, and I have no reason to be against it. The whole area was very fancy with flashy lights and high raised buildings. We hit straight to the casino table, and me being greedy – started gambling big money (Minimum bet was Rm50, which is like USD 15. May not be much for people who gamble often, for a noob like me, I still feel like it’s big money!). The verdict? I LOST.

Venetican Casino Enterance in Macau

So then we walked around the Venetian Hotel and came across St.Mark’s Square. Nope, I’m not referring to the one in Venice, Italy – there’s an area within the hotel that has been created to look and feel exactly the same! They have the gondola canal ride, Italian musicians playing the background and the best feature was their ceiling. It made me feel like it was broad day light! Cool illusion!

Meeting Jackie Chan in Hong Kong!

So the next day, we planned to take a 8am ferry to Hong Kong, which would be an hour ride. Unfortunately, we all couldn’t be up and ready by then, so we planned to take the 8.30 ferry instead. But wat a disappointment when we got there – the ferry rides were all delayed because of the fog! Sighs… So we waited, and waited and waited, hungry and bored. We finally got onto the ferry after an hour, and the ride was extremely slow as we’re unable to see anything beyond 30-40 meters ahead. It was a relieve to reach Hong Kong, and know that we safely reached.

In the ferry to Hong Kong

Hong Kong Jetty

We then continued our journey to Disneyland!!! Venturing into the magical land made me feel like a 5 year old again. Everything was so colourful! Lots of mickeys and Minnies were around, reminding me of my obsession when I was a little girl. I got out feeling all young and refreshed 😀

Enterance to Disneyland Hong Kong

A restaurant inside (expensive!!!)

Having a cup of tea like a princess!

Winnie the Pooh Shopping Store

Dainty Daisy!

Disneyland Hong Kong Tower at night

“Prosperous Corner”, Mongkok kept me feeling like I was in Petaling Street KL, only a lil more cautious about my handbag and things. You can get a lot of things from this area, but as soon as they know you’re a foreigner – you would get a bomb pricing! I have to admit that I wasn’t good at bargaining but it was just fun of buying somethings for the loved ones back home 🙂

When Portugal met China…

The following day, we were back in Macau and walked around surveying the Portuguese heritage sites that were built around the 16th century.

walking around in Macau

We first walked around Senado Square – a place with Portuguese influence on the buildings but has been modernized to be a shopping haven. You would be able to find Levi’s, Giordano, G2000 and many other fashion brands around there for a good bargain.

Macau Flea Market

We then paid a visit to the churches around the area and my god, it is preserved so beautifully!

It was so calm and serene, sitting there for 5 minutes in silence filled me with gratitude. I walked around in awe looking at the beautiful statues of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and other saints.

Central Macau Church

Central Macau Church Front Shot

Finally, we went to St.Paul’s Ruins which was about 15 minutes walk from Senado Square. This church apparently has been burnt down again 3 times though it had been rebuilt some years later.

St.Paul Ruins

I love this particular shot I took there, making me feel as though I was in the black and white era.

That visit sorta wrapped up our trip to Macau & Hong Kong. Honestly, I find this place really beautiful. I even can see myself working in a place like this, though they speak another language. But unfortunately, the biggest turn off for me was that none of the people there are warm, they don’t smile to strangers and it scares me. Perhaps they might be friendlier once they get to know you, but it still doesn’t give a very good first impression.

Nevertheless, I would still recommend you to go visit in tiny land, it will surprise you!

3 Responses to “Holidaying in Macau”
  1. Sy says:

    Hello ! I stumbled onto your blog – when i was googling for photos for Best Western Hotel Sun Sun 🙂

    Anyway, is that photo a standard room ? Any wifi in room ?

    Hope you can answer and reply ! Thanks !

    • Ruby S. says:

      Heys.. yep it’s a standard room, quite well worth the money cause it was affordable and the place was neat.. but i can’t remember about the wifi cause I wasn’t specially requesting for it. However, there is a internet cafe nearby just in case they dont hav wifi =)

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