The Opera’s Grand Opening on 4th March 2010

It’s a financially tight week (actually Im broke for the whole month, after that visit to Hong Kong & Macau), but I missed my other halfs, Navina and Kalai so we decided to go mamaking and thought of having some drinks later. We were planning to grab some Kilkenny at Royal Oak in Solaris. (Quite a good offer eh?)

But whilst chatting with Nav on Facebook, I saw The Opera’s Invite for their Grand Opening.. Huh?? I thought they already had the launch in December, 09? Apparently, that was a soft launch because only 80% of the club was ready.

So we headed to Sunway after my work, traffic never seemed to ease around that area! We somehow managed to find a parking spot and headed to the all new OPERA. I had no idea they were building a new club right opposite Coco Banana!

The club somehat reminds me of Maison, because the DJ’s console up in first floor. Haha.. But the club had a good feel to it, nice music, not too long queue on the free-flow line and the promo are quite impressive for a club in Sunway. Lots of buy 1, free 1 promo.

The bartenders and waiters were quite friendly, most of them had a good smile on their face 🙂 And I liked the crowd, young working adults, a few old ah-peks around and some young blood jumping near the dance floor.

But overall, it was good. Looks like I would be visiting this club more often!

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