Technology – the true death sentence!

I totally agree with The Star’s columnist, Soo Ewe Jin in regards to us being slaves for technology. He says how he has seen this group of people hanging out after work and that they are able to remove their ties, but they are constantly interrupted by their BlackBerry from work.

It’s strange how we’ve changed the work “icon”, from a tie (something that chokes you) to smart phones (something that never leaves you off the hook). Looking at the brighter side, atleast last time you were able to take off you tie at the end of the day!

Can you remember the last time you switched off you phone intentionally – not worrying that you would miss an important call, or not freak out when your phone dies out due to low battery? I see people all around me who literally go crazy if they don’t have a functioning phone with them. It’s like a life or death issue for most of us now.

Wasn’t technology invented to make our life easier? Now it just seems to be helping us be more “busy”. Let’s just learn to turn off our phones and be humans again.

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