D.I.Y Lovey Dovey Gift Idea

Though some claim that Valentine’s Day has been over commercialized throughout the years, there is a sense of wanting a lil piece of romance on 14th Feb. Irrelevant of one’s relationship status, 14th of Feb will suddenly leave you feeling lonely, miserable or overwhelmed with a warm feeling of love (temporarily atleast *wink*)

I made an agreement with my boyfriend this time, that we’re not allowed to buy each other anything and that our gifts should be “made”. So, I decided to make him a love shape stone craved with our names on it using plaster of paris. It’s an easy thing to make, if you have the patience! Have fun trying…

You would need:

1. Plaster of Paris (ready-made)

2. An idea how your love is gonna look like (google it up!)

3. Toothpicks (anything sharp will do)

4. Plastic (recycle – use the ones you get for free!)

5. Gloves (Can do without them as well)

Here’s how you do it:

1. Put a chuck of the plaster of paris (POP) on the plastic as the foundation. Try to shape it up so that it looks like a LOVE. Don’t worry if it turns out looking out of shape, you’ve got time to work on it.

2. Once you’re pretty happy with the shape, use some water to smooth out the edges.

3. Carefully, craved out your names or designs using the toothpick. Please take your time and do it gently!

4. Let it to dry and paint it if you want too!



This is how mine turned out! Get creative with it, try it out for Mother’s Day or something 🙂 Do email me pictures if you did try it yourself, I’ll be more than glad to post it up!

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