Google Analytics Master Class

Google had their first Analytics Master Class in Kuala Lumpur on 11th of March, and I can proudly say I was apart of it! They held the event in KL Hilton,  a nice place but the crowd turned out to be massive – they had people sitting on the ground! And I’m sure those who had to sit down didn’t mind because the workshop was an eye opener, lotsa great tips & tricks which I’ll try to sum up here in my blog 😀

What is Google Analytics (GA)?

For those of you who are digitally ahead, this might be a silly question but even I had no idea about what it could REALLY do till I attend the workshop. GA is a free online tool to give you performance report about a website – Things like where are you visitors from? How are they connected to your website? Which post in your website is the most popular? Get it…? (-.-)

Shaping the Funnel by Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar

1. Investigate: Do you know exactly at which point of your website, your audience leaves? (Eg. Login, Registration, Submit)

2. Plan: How can you fix it? (Make web more functional, easy to maneuver?)

3. Test: Try out your new design and see for yourself which works best!

A very functional presentation!

Better Landing Pages With Google Website Optimiser by Jon Stona

Not only did this guy win the most interesting presenter of the day award (well he did, in my opinion!), I learnt that no matter how much of time, money and effort is put into creating the best message or creative to get a user to CLICK on your ad, you only have 0-12 seconds to win over a potential customer once they land on your page.

So how to decide what to show on your landing page? TEST! TEST! TEST!

1. Pick a page to test – presumably the landing page or the highest traffic page

2. Choose what to test – Image? Headline? Layout?

3. Launch and experiment with multiple pages & sections stimultaneously!

TIPS: Wait atleast 2 weeks for results (though some may show results much faster if you’ve got high traffic) & make BOLD CHANGES!

The Holy Grail of Marketing by Rachit Dayal

If you have a new product in the market, do you know for sure how much you should charge for it? Fret not, Google is here to help you figure that one as well (Makes you think if there is anything that Google can’t do, right? Haha..). Using the same magic trick as above, TESTING – Use the same tools to test the price of your product instead.

How??? Set 3 different prices for the same product and simply watch which one sells better!

However, this did raise a few eyebrows over at the workshop as an ethical issue. How could you sell the same tissue box to one customer at $2.00, another one at $2.89 and the other at $3.99?

The answer: Tell your customers at the end of the funnel, the buying page that you are currently selling it at $FIXED PRICE so neither of your customer is paying any extra than the other. Thus, saving your credibility as an online marketer as well.

This sorta sums of the interesting bits of the workshop, go here:Google Solutions for South East Asia to see slides of all the other presenters. Believe me, lotssssssss of in-depth tips & tricks for GA and also case studies to learn from.

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