The greatest Tiger Show on Earth!

Ever wanted to go for a Tiger Show? No, not the ones in Thailand (though that should actually be Thai Girls’ Show, I heard the reason its known as Tiger Show now is simply because it was mispronounced in the early days), what I mean is a REAL TIGER show.. As in the huge carnivorous animal that resides in the jungle.

I remember seeing them for the first time in Sunway Lagoon, I was all amused and excited seeing the huge animal in person. It’s such a beautiful creature! But observing it more closely, I realised that the tiger sorta knows it’s caged. It’s hard to explain but it had a “boredom” sign written all over it’s face. Like it just knew that humans have taken its life away for their own amusement (They did, didn’t they?)

Yet, other the years we have heard about these caged cats killing people. And then just the other day, I read about this Indonesian man who was dragged from a forest hut, broke his neck and shattered his skull before his friends could save him.

So what’s actually going on? Conservationists say that tiger conservation is failing miserably with having over 100,000 tigers roaming just a centuary ago, now remaning with 3,200 tigers only worldwide. Do the math, only 3.2% have survived the battle with human beings.

Yes, the greatest danger for these great cats are none other than human beings. Though the tigers are undoubtfully dangerous, their biggest and most dangerous enemy is humans and will always be.

Then again, I always think what can I do? It’s just me against the bad guys. I could donate, but how would I know that the money is truly spent to save the tigers? I could go preach, but how many would listen to me? I could protest, but to whom?

So getting back to my title, yes the greatest tiger show on earth is now happening. No, not a strip tease and no, not with a tiger in a circus ring performing tricks either. These tigers are dying. Yes ladies & gentlemen, whether you care (or not) they would be pronounced extink sooner than you think.

So why all the fuss now of all times you may ask me? Well, even I needed an eye opener to realise this issue and it’s thanks to blogger Dr.Bala, who has  initiated the Tiger Blogfest 2010. Go ahead and visit his blog, Planet of the Monkeys and yes, he does explain why he names his blog the way he does!

Anyways, just to ease my curiosity, I used Google Keywords tool to see how many Malaysians are generally interested and have searched for anything related to tigers and tiger conservation in the past month (February, 2010) and we’ve got an estimated number of 680,020 searches. (Of course, I had ruled out Tiger Woods & Tiger Shows because those searches were certainly waaaaaaay ahead of tiger conservation.)

So let’s check again if there’s any increase in searches after the Tiger Blogfest 2010 kicks off which would kick off on 19th – 23rd of April 2010 coinciding with the Earth Day on 22 April. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it would somewhat help create awareness in Malaysia atleast.

But anyways, I’m one of the 100 bloggers to join in the Tiger Blogfest & I’m proud to say that I’m apart of this conservation effort to protect tigers!

One Response to “The greatest Tiger Show on Earth!”
  1. Monyet King says:

    Thanks for putting this up. Look forward to your participaiton in the blogfest.

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