You know it’s not right when a tiger criess “Help me”…

In support of Tiger Blogfest 2010, I’ve made a lil sketch.

It probably doesn’t show so much, of how the tigers are suffering. But perhaps if you did some research about it over the net, you would find some very gruesome facts and figures about these big cats being hunted down like a chicken for dinner.

Do read up about the Success Story of getting over 120 Bloggers to participate in this event, when they targetted only a mere 20 blogs! Bear in mind, this conservation effort is purely by word-of-mouth with no investment on advertising.

2 Responses to “You know it’s not right when a tiger criess “Help me”…”
  1. d'enricher says:

    Reaching my target to visit all registered tiger Blogfest 2010 on my TMIC, Tiger Marathon in Cyberspace. Just a few more blogs, my fingers are getting numb.

    Happy Earth Day, and nice sketch.

    Best Regards

    Your site is # 107

    Cinta Alam Malaysia

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