What do you think of Facebook’s new privacy settings?

I found Facebook’s instant personalization reaally cool. It’s awesome when you go to some random website and have your personaaaal choices at the homepage – you find what you like, without much moving around. Easy peaziee, some pretty fancy personalized customization!

And in some sites like CNN.com, you also get to see what articles your friends on facebook are reading. So now instead of having “most popular” post that caters to all Tom, Dick and Harry, we’ve got “what your friends are reading” column which would be more relevant according to our interest, age and location.

So why are people fussing about Facebook’s privacy setting being all creepy??

I think maybe because some just don’t bother understanding it (you can change the setting to block everything out), or some are just too overloaded with Facebook’s just too many new applicationsgroupssettingsprivacyandforeverongoing changes that’s been going on.

Eventually, I think this is how the internet should be heading. Not mass-unrelated news on my face when I get into The Star Online News, but a mixture of local & international news that I might be genuinely interested in (naturally I would, if my friends have been reading that too!)

And actually, personal customization isn’t new.There was a personalized news site launched in 2004 called Findory. However, it was shut down in November 2007.

Here’s words of the founder himself, Greg Lindon: “Information personalization is in our future. Some day, online newspapers will focus on your interests, building you your own unique, customized front page of news. Some day, information overload will be tamed. But not today. Findory will be shutting down on November 1.”

In fact, bigger portals like Yahoo! have already been practising other versions of personal customization.

The only difference is that as a user, we’ve gotta manually choose what we want to see on the Y! homepage, and tabs (see pic left) where else with Facebook, they STEAL your info and you’re “likes” and “shares” to do the maths on their own, delivering your customized preference without you asking for it.

Anyways, after all the drama and chaos, with many people withdraw themselves from Facebook, they are now simplifying their privacy settings.

So looks like Lindon was true, information personalization is still in our future.

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