Malaysian Media Awards 2010, the FIFA style!

Perhaps the most exciting event of the year for any media specialist, the MMA 2010 was by no doubt a big day to remember for me as well. My first ever media awards ceremony, honestly I didn’t have an idea what to expect. The Vizeumites got geared up early Friday morning itself, receiving our jersey … Continue reading

Malaysian VIRAL Scene

Coffee Mate’s Nota Cinta I simply love these episodes!!! I think Mc Cann Erickson & Mojo Film did a great job on this videos, showcasing the emotions (though I personally feel that a more subtle manner in showing off coffee mate would seem rather realistic). Petronas Merdeka 2010 – Kereta Buruk Again, Petronas gets people … Continue reading


Been an exciting month for me, and here’s the three things I’m looking forward too! Working towards the entries for MMA 2010 was an unforgettable experience. Lotssssss of excitement, receiving feedback on my work, even to a point it made me think if I should consider moving to a creative agency ’cause I had so … Continue reading

Understanding the online media consumption in Malaysia

I just got back from attending the Yahoo & Synovate Net Index Launch Event that was held in SIME Darby Convention Center, today. Here’s a summary of what was presented. * This study applies to Urban Malaysians. Research is very recent, March – May 2010. Who are the online users? More males than females, aged … Continue reading

Buying a Shih Tzu

After months of pestering and begging, I finally convinced my mom to get a puppy! Yes, yeshh yessshhh!!! Mom’s criteria’s were simple, it had to be a toy dog that didn’t bark much. So though I’m more of a huskygermanshepardgoldenretriever person, I had to settle with a tiny sized dog. Honestly, my idea of a … Continue reading

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