Buying a Shih Tzu

After months of pestering and begging, I finally convinced my mom to get a puppy! Yes, yeshh yessshhh!!! Mom’s criteria’s were simple, it had to be a toy dog that didn’t bark much.

So though I’m more of a huskygermanshepardgoldenretriever person, I had to settle with a tiny sized dog. Honestly, my idea of a toy dog is exactly that – they’re little toyish things that are meant to look pretty, but are not that emotionally-attached-smart kinda dog.

But it’s my mom who’s going to be spending more time with the dog, let me get a house of my own and then, i’ll get as many huskygermanshepardgoldenretriever as I want!! 😀 *sheepish grin*

Anyways we went doggieshopping, and we went on and on and finally found this little fellow who was hiding behind the cage, adoraablee comeeeel gilerrr wei!!!

Finding furbie!

He’s got so much resemblance of a Gizmo!!

So we decided to name him Furbie, he looks like a big furfuzzball anyways.. Isn’t he just cute, or what? :p

Driving him around, and this fellow fits my dashboard perfectly!!

Furbie sleeping in the dashboard!

The second day after we adopted him, I took him for a walk in a park near my place and OMGGGAWD, everyone actually stopped and went “aw, awww, awwww, he’s so cute” expression especially the kids!

Furbz talking a walk in the park

Finally a still pose!

Furb says "yes, dat's the spot.. owh owhh, srcatch me gud!"

"scratch me moreee!!"

I had to say, he did look very handsome being so tiny amongst the other dogs that were around. And yes, the CUTESST of them all!!! It’s hard not to fall in love with this guy..

Also found this on Google somewhere, so true! Hahhaha

If the dog could talk

And now that he’s a bit bigger, here’s how he looks like..with his fur-shaved off!

He invaded my pile of clothes while I was asleep, too cute to wake him up

Furbie says, "No more beers for meee!"

3 Responses to “Buying a Shih Tzu”
  1. bsvanan says:

    wow he is cute
    must find one tht can fit my dashbrd too :p

  2. Ruby S. says:

    Hahhaha.. 2 weeks being fed like a pig, and he’s struggling to fit in the dashboard now!

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