Been an exciting month for me, and here’s the three things I’m looking forward too!

Working towards the entries for MMA 2010 was an unforgettable experience. Lotssssss of excitement, receiving feedback on my work, even to a point it made me think if I should consider moving to a creative agency ’cause I had so much of fun & working on this re-kindled my passion for doing something creative & exciting!

Looking forward for the results on June 25th, 2010 for Best Use of Digital (online / interactive / mobile) & Best Use of Digital Search. Theme this year is football fever so we’ll get to all the big media industry people in footie jerseys!! Fingers crossed, can’t wait for it!! Read about how the event turned out here.

Randomly surfing, I came across this event that is to be held on July 28th & 29, 2010, the Asian Bloggers & Social Media Conference 2010. Sounds interesting? It sure would be, with a few top names proposed to be speakers for these two days. I’m slotting myself in for this!!! Register as a blogger and you could get off with some discounts, so here’s the price list for the 2 days summit:

Normal Price : MYR 199

Registered Bloggers : MYR 150

Student : MYR 120

and get information by contacting +603-20355777!

I’ve been pushing this for a while now, but I think it’s time for me to get started! Giving myself ample time of a month to prepare (but I somehow get the feeling that I’ll only start studying 2-3 days before, being typical procastinator). I’m hoping to get myself certified as a Google Adwords Qualified Individual by July, 15th!


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