Malaysian Media Awards 2010, the FIFA style!

The entrance to Malaysian Media Awards Ceremony in One World Hotel.

Perhaps the most exciting event of the year for any media specialist, the MMA 2010 was by no doubt a big day to remember for me as well. My first ever media awards ceremony, honestly I didn’t have an idea what to expect.

The Vizeumites got geared up early Friday morning itself, receiving our jersey that resembled bumbleebee/referee/m’sianfootballteam and we’re all trying out our sizes.  We laughed more than usual, fantasized about winning, and how we’re about to celebrate! The air was light in office, very much different from how it usually is during a normal working day.

Arriving in One World Hotel, the football spirit was heavy on all my senses!! They had flags all over the place, foosball with the vuvuzela’s going bonkers and even had a face painting booth!

Face Painting Booth


Excitement were building up as more and more people turned up in their sporty jerseys. Vizeum United‘s bumbleebee-referee-m’sianfootballteam yellow & black jersey stood out pretty well, all of us ended up loving it and I have to say that I felt proud to be wearing one.

Myself at the MMA 2010

Curiosity got to us, seeing others in their outrages orange who also wore matching wigs (whom we later found out were from NST), and the red devils who smartly turned MU into UM (no guesses needed here!).

The event started around 8.30pm, and here’s me showing off the flag painted on my face with my collegue Yee Ling, and the Malaysia Kini babes.

Yee Ling & myself

Left to right: Melody, Ting Ting, Joanna & of course, how could you miss me?

After some brief speeches, the emcee got straight into announcing the awards. The top 10 shortlisted entries were announced and then, the winners accordingly from bronze, silver to gold.

The entire floor was eagerly awaiting for their respective agencies & brands to be called out as winners. I think, this is when the team spirits truly came out. It was suprising to see the rather quiet Vizeumites, up & whistling as the emcee announced the winners. Support also went out to our sister agencies under the Aegis Group who were right there with us, Carat, Posterscope and Media PI.

I was of course waiting for the Best Use of Digital Search. A brand new category that was included in MMA this year, I had my first award submission shortlisted. Though I was told not keep my hopes up too high, I did keep my fingers crossed the entire time.

When the emcee announced that Vizeum won Bronze for CIMB Bank Gaining Awareness by Going “Click-less” submission, it was like WOW!!! Ahhahha, a truly exciting moment to be up stage!!!

Receiving the award for Bronze - Best Use of Digital Search

with Firdaus who helped make the video for our winning Bronze Digital entry!

Overall, Vizeum won 2 Golds, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze making us 3rd in the raking for Agency of the Year, based on accumulated points – more happy moments!! 🙂

The Vizeumites going wohoooo!!

And of course, a big congratulations to the red devils of the night – Universal McCann for emerging as the Agency of the Year, grabbing the title away from MindShare who were holding on to the title for the past four years!!

Universal McCann wins Agency of the Year

Click here to see the full results of the Malaysian Media Awards 2010.

And finally to end with, a handsome picture that gave me a big giggle!

Where's your Vuvuzela?

3 Responses to “Malaysian Media Awards 2010, the FIFA style!”
  1. Cara says:

    Congrats Ruby! :)))) Hahaha, Yay for McCann. XD

  2. Ruby S. says:

    Thanks dearie!! I’m guessing you’re attached with McCann now?

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