Alcohol – An Individual Choice

On July 29,2009 a Muslim model was sentenced to six lashes and a fine of 5,000 ringgit for consuming beer in a nightclub. Just two weeks after, we have a political feud regarding the sale of alcohol in convenience stores. Their justification for rising up the issue (after so many years it being sold in such stores) is … Continue reading

Drawing, just because I felt like it =)

Scribled this sometime back after my Tioman trip. Added some color to it with color pencils, nothing great but I love the warmness of this picture! I guess something like this is a good small little present to show that someone that you’ve been havin them on your mind cause he loved it! 😀 Here’s … Continue reading

Akon FREEDOM Beach Concert ’09!

Naa naa naaa.. Im sooooooooo excited! I got asweet surprise from my special someone, he got me tickets to Akon’s concert!!! *yeaaaaay* ~ ruby does the happy chicken dance~ So sweet of him kan?? Hehe.. This is going to be so much of fun! This is gonna be my first concert after so many years (yeahh, … Continue reading

Boredom kills. So here’s a list of sites to kill it back.

1. Ever wanted to chat with God himself? Here’s your chance: iGod. Kept me entertained for atleast 5 minutes. 2. If you’re the type of person who have always wanted to annoy a stranger but never had enough guts, go to and you’ll get a taste of what’s the real meaning of nasty. He’s hit … Continue reading

Boring Office Desk – Pimp Up Your Calender!

My office desk is quite plain, I only have some stationaries, papers and promotional items from media owners. So here’s what I did when I got quite bored with my plain-nothing-to-inspire me table, I pimped up the calendar! So here’s the original calendar from AC Nielsen. A very functional piece where I see the dates … Continue reading

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