Boring Office Desk – Pimp Up Your Calender!

My office desk is quite plain, I only have some stationaries, papers and promotional items from media owners. So here’s what I did when I got quite bored with my plain-nothing-to-inspire me table, I pimped up the calendar!

So here’s the original calendar from AC Nielsen. A very functional piece where I see the dates clearly. No offence, but I would have liked a bit more colour splash on it. And as you can see, I’m quite a messy scribbler!

And here’s what I did:

1. Found some interesting picture from an old magazine, tore it out to be the background.

2. Googled for the 2010 Calender with the typeface & layout that matched the one above. I really liked this one below, pretty but functional!

3. Cut, Cut & Cut. Arranged, tried to “feel it” and re-arrange till I really felt my design.

cut, edit, scissors icon

4. Glued it up.

5. Admired my work!

I picked a background from the reTALE magazine (April issue), got the calendar from Since it’s already July, I customised the calendar to fit the last 6 months of the year.

If you noticed, I got my months pasted wrongly. So in Ruby’s calendar, it’s September first, then July. Hmmph.. But I’ve covered up by writing down the numbers so I dont forget, besides this way atleast the colours match! And this is only a less-than-10mins-effort!!

Do check out my latest doodles, here.

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