Boredom kills. So here’s a list of sites to kill it back.

1. Ever wanted to chat with God himself? Here’s your chance: iGod. Kept me entertained for atleast 5 minutes.

2. If you’re the type of person who have always wanted to annoy a stranger but never had enough guts, go to and you’ll get a taste of what’s the real meaning of nasty. He’s hit on some people’s nerves real good! Kept me entertained for atleast 30 minutes.

3. He’s just plain witty in his post. Head on to Apekesni? if you can read Malay. He got me giggling in almost every of his post! Kept me entertained for atleast 20 minutes.

4. Just a silly email about how a graphic designer interprets things. Got me cracking up big time. Kept me entertained for atleast 15 minutes.


5. Want to read random facebook status updates (yes, those who aren’t your “friends”). And a bigger yesssss, you’ll come across status like “just to let you all know im gay and im finally coming out of the closet i feel like its time to face what i am a guy lover im proud to be this way ok so dont judge me”, and be able to click to check (or add him as a friend) if you want! :p Their tagline? “They ‘trust me’. Dumb fucks.” – Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook. Head to Openbook to read people’s Facebook. Kept me entertained for atleast 15 minutes.

6. Trick your friends on Facebook. Learn how to get the link here: Reface your Facebook. You’ll get a link, paste on your status and anyone that clicks on it will be redirected to their own facebook page. Here’s what I did and the response i got! Hahhaha.. This reaaaaly kept me entertained for sometime!

Praking your friends on Facebook

7. Inspire yourself with Post-It notes.

8. When you’re REALLY BORED, all you need is something to entertain you. Anything to entertain you, so head to Instant Fun for a bunch of buttons to press and play around with.

To be continued..

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