Akon FREEDOM Beach Concert ’09!

Naa naa naaa.. Im sooooooooo excited! I got asweet surprise from my special someone, he got me tickets to Akon’s concert!!! *yeaaaaay* ~ ruby does the happy chicken dance~ So sweet of him kan?? Hehe.. This is going to be so much of fun!

This is gonna be my first concert after so many years (yeahh, I know I sound old but the last concert I went for was in my lower secondary and that’s a long time ago!) I think you’ll began to notice that I’m using many exclamation marks already (!), proves my excitement!!!

P/S: Thank you sweets for getting me those tickets, it sure means a lot for me!

Update: Here are some of the pictures I took that night. Akon was an awesomeee-down-to-earth-performer, he got off the stage and went for a “people ride” – the girls were just tearing him out!!!

Sunway Lagoon Resort looking all majestic at night eh?

The crowd cheering for Akon

me sempat posing while waiting for the concert to start

Akon walking above the crowd!!

Akon was so close to meeeee!!!

Dinesh, myself and Ash

So here’s a little story… when the Akon concert finished and we’re heading to the mamak nearby, I noticed a girl wearing an exact top I wore (which I got from Blook btw) and I was like SHITTTTTT, let’s get outta here.. Next thing I know, my friends were saying hi to her friends and guess what?!! She’s a friend of my college mate and we ended up clubbing together!! Hahhaha, first it was awkward to meet a girl who was wearing (I REPEAT) same exact top but she’s a sweetheart =) Had a good time with her in MOS!

Clubbing at Ministry of Sound - I met d gal with d same exact top!

I love this pic!!

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