Are Malaysian bosses embracing Social Media?

Apparently no. Duhh, what was I hoping anyways? Here’s a poll done by The Star Online. and 68% of them said that some (if not, all) of the social sites have been blocked in their working place. Advertisements

What happen to Radio 988’s DJ Jamal?

LATEST UPDATE (8/9/10): DJ Jamal & 988’s CEO got fired. Read the story here. I don’t speak nor understand chinese but I travel to work with my colleague who tunes into 988 FM every morning. She usually translates what’s being told on air everytime I give her a what’s-so-funny-stare when she giggles listening to the DJs. … Continue reading

Creative Execution Ideas – Online Planing Tutorial #2

Need some inspiration to create online banners or simple need something to show your client how versatile & engaging online ads could be? Here are some places to give you a kick-start: Media Mind, or previously known as Eyeblaster, who are a digital media ad serving platform has a huge collection on banners in their … Continue reading

A quick refreshing drink!

Refreshing drink

This is a real easy thrist-quencher. Here’s all you’d need: Lots of ice cubes. Sprite. A sour plum. Lime. Mint leaves.  

Cooking Spicy Tomato Chicken Curry

My first attempt to properly cook a dish and it did turn out pretty okaaay! Here’s a list of ingredients that would cook up a lovely meal for two: Onion x 4 Ginger (size of your thumb) Garlic x 4 Turmeric powder (4 table-spoon) Curry powder (4 table-spoon) Ground pepper Salt Dry chili x 5 Fresh … Continue reading

Finding Info About A Website – Online Planing Tutorial #1

Useful when you need to go a quick background check on website trends! Ever had to compare two, or three websites of a similar genre to decide which one to invest on for advertising? Or simply need to know some online metrics, search analytics and demographics for a website? Then go to Alexa for the … Continue reading

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