Creative Execution Ideas – Online Planing Tutorial #2

Need some inspiration to create online banners or simple need something to show your client how versatile & engaging online ads could be? Here are some places to give you a kick-start:

Media Mind, or previously known as Eyeblaster, who are a digital media ad serving platform has a huge collection on banners in their website. Choose the industry to see what’s relevant for your client & even choose the types of banner format you’d like to see.

CZ Home

Here's a tiny miny bit of creative examples in their library!

Head to Yahoo’s Creative Showcase for a sample of successful ads that ran on the Yahoo! network. They have more comprehensive details & a proper case study to help you understand what made the campaign succesful.

Lastly, Microsoft also has their very own Creative Showcase Page. MS also has a learning center which is very helpful for in-detail explainations rearding online advertising and its capabilities.


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