What happen to Radio 988’s DJ Jamal?

LATEST UPDATE (8/9/10): DJ Jamal & 988’s CEO got fired. Read the story here.

I don’t speak nor understand chinese but I travel to work with my colleague who tunes into 988 FM every morning. She usually translates what’s being told on air everytime I give her a what’s-so-funny-stare when she giggles listening to the DJs.

Today when I got into her car, she was actually in tears learning that DJ Jamal who starts off  his show with ‘Say Hi to Malaysia’ has been told to take “leave” for the time-being.

Apparently he’s been talking about too many sensitive issues lately in his morning show, hence MCMC has issued a warning letter. “The letter said that my comments have influenced the security of the country. (It also said) my comments on race relations were not acceptable,” DJ Jamal added.

Read about it here.

I think this is the exact opposite of 1Malaysia’s concept. This isn’t just about firing another DJ but it’s about stopping him from reaching out to his fans. Many have been touched by his opinion during his shows, and are angered by MCMC’s decision.

Taken from Malaysia Chronicle  – DAP’s Petaling Jaya Utara member of parliament Tony Pua accused the MCA president of being behind Jamaluddin’s suspension.

“Dr Chua Soi Lek has given Jamal a few stern public warnings before this, and finally carried out the threat to axe,” he said, adding that this was in contrast with Chua’s recent reply to deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yasin saying Malaysians had passed the 1969 brand of politics and could engage in rational discussions. –

1,480 people liking his status with 700+ comments within just 4 hours

Anyway, doesn’t a chinese-speaking malay DJ truly represent the concept of 1 Malaysia? And all we do instead of encourage, is suppressing his thoughts & opinion by not allowing him to go on air.

Looks like the government prefers made up concepts & picture perfect scenarios that represents 1 Malaysia, not practical, real-life situations that helps Malaysians truly feel that they are ONE.

*UPDATE (20/8): DJ Jamal’s facebook has been deleted – which I think is a really bad decision. I mean c’mon larrr, all the more channels you block from allowing people to express themselves, all the more angry they are gonna get.

Some of them have turned in forums to voice out, some even to MCA’s facebook!

Anyways, DJ Moon also didn’t make an apperance for her regular morning talk show, perhaps she’s been advised to take leave as well.

988 has been quite, without providing any explaination to all those listeners who are upset. Today’s morning show was just filled with plenty of songs, ads and the occasional traffic updates.

Here’s some links for additional stories: The Star, Free Malaysia Today, and Merdeka Review.

And for those of you who can read chinese, here’s Oriental Daily News Headlines

Oriental Daily News reports on Jamal

Any volunteers to help translate??

DJ Jamal's controversial probe

*RUMOURS – I have no idea how true are these info, just passing on what I’ve been hearing. Please do your own judgement.

RUMOUR #1 – Jamal’s mother, Shamsiah Fakeh was a Communist Party leader, hence a solid reason to cut him off air. Read about her in The Star.

RUMOUR #2 – 988 FM’s CEO & Program Director are also in trouble. Still looking out for published news about it.

17 Responses to “What happen to Radio 988’s DJ Jamal?”
  1. Bobby says:

    This is 1Malaysia, u cannot blame for it. U have to follow everything they set.U have to shut up your mouth. So, u must follow the rules. Sad country…

  2. Melvin Tan says:

    This is a clear cut case of supressing the freedom of speech. Feeling guilty of wrong doings and using high handed method to silent the public.

    It’s time go for a change. Wait for next election.

    • TEH CHUAN HUAT says:

      I am a frequent listener of 988 morning talk show and find it very refreshing with Jiama, Moon (Autumn) and Xiao Ma hosting. Absolutely entertaining, especially their short sketch of ‘Hampalang Sub’ (Cantonese: everything makan/sublet).
      Must have caused some embarassments to those who practise Ali-Baba.

      Yes, let’s make sure we are heard loud and clear in next GE. Save our country.

  3. Jun says:

    If you didn’t do, people won’t say. Stop the mouths but you can’t stop the thinking.

  4. xjion89 says:

    Quite sudden for the show to be end like tat~~~><

    • badtz says:

      What a sad country ruinned by those idiot. Is this called democracy? r we dumb?
      Guys, please make the right vote, SUPPORT Democracy! voice it out!

  5. Sean says:

    Let me translate a bit. It’s not perfect english.

    MCMC issued a warning letter to 988 saying that the program is threatening the national security and is affecting the relationship between races.

    Station 988 must react immediately else will facing legal action such as revoking the station’s license, fine for RM50,000 or Jail or facing both.

  6. nasi says:

    RUMOUR #1 is true, his parents went to china when m’sia government begin a crackdown on communist, he only came back to malaysia during the early 90’s

  7. EricC says:

    The whole world are making positive progress in all kind of development and democracy, but Malaysian government is still ….

    Something cannot say lah, else kena tangkap juga.
    This is Malaysia..boleh…

    Beautiful country managed by …. government.


  8. Gunasena Lee sk says:

    Speech, Action, Feeling and Thinking ( Mind )

    Maybe the mighty or powerful are able to stop the Speech but are they totally able to stop the Actions, Feelings and Thoughts!
    All these are qualities of human instincts! Anyone of these when remove forcefully will naturally being reacted or resulted in a negative chain retaliation.
    Just like two Hokkien guys introduce themselves:
    Guy “A” Mr. Teh introduce himself: “Teh”
    Guy “B” Mr.Tan quickly respond: “Lu Teh, Wa Tan”
    This means the receiving end are being agitated naturally and instinctly,some time the results are quite serious and devastated.

  9. happy man says:


  10. Audrey says:

    I saw Jamal the first time on the most recent Chinese cooking game show. I’m very very impressed with how he’s able to interact SO WELL in Mandarin. It’s really sad to find that he’s been “banned” for voicing something we all know is the truth. Jamal, you’re one Malay I salute and respected the most!

  11. kk says:


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