Digital History

We discuss so much about rich media banners and the evolving widgets and other cool applications but do you know how did the first ever banner advertising look like? Read more about it here. One of the pioneer viral hits on the net was the one we can remember from Ally McBeal’s Hallucinations. Yes, the … Continue reading

Digi’s Yellow Man goes Viral for Malaysia Day

They sure do! Check out this Digi Ad that celebrates diversity of Malaysians, to wish Happy Malaysia Day. Quirky, fun and to the point. Malaysians. Gotta love us. We’re all a little wacky in our own way, but seriously, underneath it all, we’re just one and the same. Let’s celebrate the difference (and the many … Continue reading

9 year old’s science experiment

During science lessons in school when I was about 9 years old, we’re told to do some experiments on how seeds sprout. So my mom bought me little green beans, I had put it carefully in a container, with a some cotton and water. I watched it every few minutes to see how much it … Continue reading

Microsoft Advertising World Cup Party!

Had a great time at the Argentina v South Korea. Good match, good company, great place! It was held in Ecoba. That’s a good chill out place btw, I love the environment there! P/S: Credit for the pictures would go to Microsoft Advertising’s Facebook Page. I’m just grabbing them!

Should social media be restricted during working hours?

Just days after my previous blogpost – Are Malaysian Bosses Embracing Social Media, I read an article from The Star about “Net Surfing ‘Freedom’ Too Costly“. In short, the article states that: Employees on social networks are causing lost of productivity & money. Cuepacs advised civil servants against accessing social sites because they believe it’s distracting. … Continue reading

TV3’s Hari Raya TVC condemned for resembling Christmas

Noticed it, thanks to my colleague, Kenneth. See it for yourselves. It is very obvious that it was directed to depict Christmas, whether intentionally or not is another story. But this has angered many… A Facebook group has recently been set up to protest about this TV commercial by TV3, and at the time of … Continue reading

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