TV3’s Hari Raya TVC condemned for resembling Christmas

Noticed it, thanks to my colleague, Kenneth. See it for yourselves.

It is very obvious that it was directed to depict Christmas, whether intentionally or not is another story. But this has angered many…

A Facebook group has recently been set up to protest about this TV commercial by TV3, and at the time of this post, they already had 14K plus members!!!

According to NST, TV3 apologised to viewers who were disturbed by the one-minute clip and  gave an assurance that measures had been taken to prevent such a mistake from happening again.

What’s the problem with this ad actually?

You see the trishaw that’s flying around, very much like Santa Clause. Okaay, bit sensitive there. But some viewers have been “interpreting” the ad to the extreme extent. Here are some of the accusations:

  1. Its promoting the Illuminati (because there’s a menthol & cage – don’t understand what’s the relation there)
  2. It contains reversed Jawi characters which is a disgrace for Muslims (can’t seem to see it in the ad)
  3. The white “songkok” worn by the old dude in the TVC represents the Pope. (seriously, WTH???)

I understand the sensitivity of the ad resembling Christmas with all of it’s “magical” elements, but it didn’t have to lead to such accusations. I like this guy’s comment which sums it up quite nicely,

“Seriously orang yang interprate iklan ni suka membesar-besarkan cerita. Aku sendiri pun kurang bersetuju dgn idea naik beca tu. Tp mengenai yang lain-lain tu aku rasa hanya ditambah-tambah bagi menyedapkan cerita (perangai orang melayu yang kita sedia maklum). Memandai-mandai je dia jadi director sendiri. Aku faham dia ingin menunjukkan ilmu dia mengkaji metaphore yang ada dalam iklan tu tapi dah merepek sangat. Kononnya pandai sangat nak pengaruh orang lain, tapi orang-orang yang kurang pandai bolehla percaya bang. Aku bukan bodoh sangat pasal iluminati tu semua. Jangan diadakan cerita yang tak wujud bang. Aku tau kerja kau ni hanya memboikot je. Benda benda yang elok tak pulak dikaji dan disebarkan. Cari la kerja yang berfaedah sikit di bulan puasa ni. Idea kau nak tegakkan kebenaran tu dah bagus cuma jangan menokok tambah cerita. Kesian bagi orang-orang yang ingin belajar. Boleh memesongkan fahaman. Pergilah kemas rumah ke bakar lemang lagi bagus. Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri..”

Also, I came across this blog which has some good arguements about this issue.

UPDATE (21/10): TV3 was fined RM50,000 for the controversial Raya ad. Read more here.

Salam 1 Malaysia 🙂

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