How’s mom?

Sometimes what’s harder than going through a difficult phase in life, is dealing with people at that point of time. A fairly easy question I face daily, is getting harder to answer.

“How’s your mom doing?”

A decent question, with a concerned tone. But for some reason it triggers a battle of emotions within me.

What should I say???

Should i tell the truth? Should I repeat what the doctor said? Should I lie and say everything’s okay or just I just shrug it away?

At times, I feel compelled to tell. Not for them, but for me. To let is off my chest.

But everytime I do tell the truth, I feel like I’m giving up on her. Everytime I say, actually she’s not doing too well and the doctors aren’t too positive about it either, I feel that I’m washing my hands too.

So I lie. She’s bouncing back just fine… and slowly I believe my lie, and build a fake confidence that everything will be alright again.


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