Motivation to Exercise

I’ve always been a nonsportsaholic. I look at sports people with envy. I wished I had their energy, their determination to practice and well, their body.

I used to shy away from PJ lessons in schools simply because I felt I was too fat too run and I didn’t like the huffy puffy feeling, and not to mention the achy body the next day.

I used to try, and then give up after some weeks. And just kept myself away from sports for good, growing side ways like never before.

Then I got into college and started going to the gym a little bit with my friend Abidin. I must admit, having a partner to exercise with really gives you the determination you need. It’s like a support system, cause you know your own wouldn’t last for more than 3 months.

But soon I got “busy” with college, stopped gym all together excusing myself with the typical “I’ve got no time” line.

Things got worst after I started working ’cause I was behind desk all day long and frankly, the only exercise I got was when I walked to office from the carpark. Yes, it was that bad.

Not surprising, my weight increased by 6kgs in a couple of months 😦 so that lead to my resolution this year – to run a marathon.

I thought I wouldn’t make it – but thanks to my ex-collegue, Alice Tan who triggered this up again by encouraging me to sign up for the SHAPE 5km Night Run.

Though I was bit too late to sign up for that, I did manage to go for the Nike – We Run KL 5km Marathon on 10.10.10. An auspicious day to be the start of a new lifestyle eh? (Read about my experience in the marathon here.)

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed so that I continue going to the gym, attend more marathon and build my stamina.

I’ve already been seeing improvements in my energy levels, hopeeeeee it’ll last! Gambateh…


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