9 Tips to shop in Bangkok

If you are a fan of discounts and bargains, you’ve got to go to Bangkok – It’s shopping heaven! There’s nothing much to plan when you go to Bangkok, simply take an extra day off close to the weekend, 3 days and you’ll see pretty much everything in Bangkok.

And believe me, shopping in Bangkok will make you go OMG, OMG, OhhhMaaaaaaaiGawwwdddddddd!!! *wink*

Tips to shop in Bangkok.

1. If you see something you like, buy it. There’s simply no time to go back to a shop where you saw that pretty little dress but was too fickle minded to decide whether you wanted it or not. Besides, there’s so much to see, bargain and buy, you would even get lost trying to find your way back to a particular shop.

2. Don’t take plastic bags. Apart from “saving” the earth, you also tend to save baggage space. Bring you own backpack and shopping bags (Note that I used AND – trust me, you’ll need both).

3. Wear comfortable shoes or sandals. Last thing you need on a trip is an achy feet caused by bad slippers. Invest in a good pair of walking shoes or sandals.

4. Keep your money/purse in front of you. Even keep some in different pockets, you don’t want to lose your money. Another tip is to keep your money in separate 5,000 Bahts (or other amounts you wish) cause it’s extremely hard to keep track of what you have been spending on. By keeping your cash separated, you know how much you have left to spend. And bring only cards that you need, keep that privilege card that get you discounts in Robinson’s at home. 

5. Get a hotel room that provides safe deposit box. Yes, unfortunately there are some that don’t provide it, so do check on that when you’re booking your hotel. 

6. Do not trust strangers! I cannot stress enough the importance of this, but con fellows are roaming the streets of Bangkok, looking for tourist like you. If they speak fluent English, convince you that they are merely trying to be friendly, help you with a tuk tuk, BEWARE YOU MIGHT JUST FALL INTO THEIR SCAM. Yes, many have been fooled.

7. Decide what you want to buy, and research where to buy it. Do you want to buy genuine products for a cheaper price, or bargain clothes, or crafts, or jewelry, or thai silk or home decor. Yeap, there’s a list of unlimited choices for things to buy in Bangkok. Once you have decided what you want to shop for, then Google up the best places to buy those things. i.e. best place for crafts is Chartuchak Weekend Market, but best place for 

8. Get adventurous, take the train. Don’t rely merely on cabs, you might get stuck in traffic for hours. The train is fast, cheap and convenient. 

9. Get pampered, go get a massage! Choose from foot reflexology to thai massage to oil massage, you’ll need the pampering after all the shopping.

* To illustrate how cheap you can afford things in Bangkok, visit this website and notice that the Tuk Tuk made out of can drinks are priced at USD 32.30? I got the exact same item for USD 3.80. Happy shopping everyone!

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