Reminiscing 2010

The year seemed to pass by in a jiffy. This time, instead of looking of a long list of things I’d like to achieve in 2011, I thought I could write a list “I’ve done it” list. Not to brag, but to give my self a sense of achievement so I’ll be geared up for the upcoming year.

– Travel: I went to Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok & Phuket. A nice list isn’t it? Cambodia up next April!

– Finished a 5 KM marathon. Yes, I did!

– Learned to cook =)

– On the process of healing my bad knee pain.

– Won a Digital Search Award for Vizeum!

– Invested in mutual fund *Ka-ching*

– Bought a new phone, N8 rocks!

– Transformed my room to a mini chill out zone

Got a puppy!

– Start collections: Paintings, Coins & Dolls.

And here’s my 2009 list… Soon, I’ll share my 2011 – a girl has gotta have something to look forward too, doesn’t she?


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