You know it’s not right when a tiger criess “Help me”…

In support of Tiger Blogfest 2010, I’ve made a lil sketch. It probably doesn’t show so much, of how the tigers are suffering. But perhaps if you did some research about it over the net, you would find some very gruesome facts and figures about these big cats being hunted down like a chicken for … Continue reading

D.I.Y Lovey Dovey Gift Idea

Though some claim that Valentine’s Day has been over commercialized throughout the years, there is a sense of wanting a lil piece of romance on 14th Feb. Irrelevant of one’s relationship status, 14th of Feb will suddenly leave you feeling lonely, miserable or overwhelmed with a warm feeling of love (temporarily atleast *wink*) I made … Continue reading

What would you do if you knew today was your last…

I was thinking about topics for my impromptu speech competition on my way to work today and I remembered this ever favourite topic: What would you do if you knew today was your last? Seriously, do people realise the depth of this question when they ask it? (I remember my fellow contestant in primary school … Continue reading

The Opera’s Grand Opening on 4th March 2010

It’s a financially tight week (actually Im broke for the whole month, after that visit to Hong Kong & Macau), but I missed my other halfs, Navina and Kalai so we decided to go mamaking and thought of having some drinks later. We were planning to grab some Kilkenny at Royal Oak in Solaris. (Quite a … Continue reading

The Star – HSBC – ESU Public Speaking Competition 2010

I’ve been looking forward for this competition since last year! And here it is again 😀 Not so much to win this year around, just for the fun of giving speeches, going through the excitement and thrill.. Besides, it’s been long since I went on stage and did my thing. Funny to see my own … Continue reading

Ruby’s Room Make Over

My latest addiction is room decor. I’ve just been obsessed thinking about how I’m going to redecorate my room. For starters, I’ve removed few unused furniture out of my room and got rid of all those things from my high school days and RESULT = SPACE! I could believe how clean and spacious my room … Continue reading

A Better Life – Success or Gratitude?

Have you ever been torn between chasing your ambition and feeling grateful for all that you already have? Is there a balance between the two? To be able to enjoy, appreciate to little tiny details that makes life beautiful and still dream to drive a better car, live in a better home and be able … Continue reading

The New Proton Saga, good?

I was driving a Perodua Kelisa for the past two years and recently, my mother bought me a brand new Proton Saga. First of all, switching from a small little cute car to a big bulky ride isn’t my idea of a good thing. But it was after driving the car did I realise that, … Continue reading

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